We are not only treating people suffering from acute or chronic back pain, but also help them to regain they functions and mobility.

Our Joint Care Team consist of an orthopedic spine specialist with 20+ year clinical experience in surgical and non-surgical care and group of pilates trained physiotherapists.  We will help you to form a valid diagnosis and guide you trough your treatment.

Whether you have been experiencing back problems for years or are just a ‘beginner’, our team can help you achieve optimal function and minimal pain.

Get started with a consultation now!

All examination, screening is individually scheduled!  Our medical team work only at Pest, while physios treat at two convenient locations.

  • BUDA Studio, Hűvösvölgyi street , II. district (map>>) and
  • PEST Studio, Oktogon , Downtown, (map>>)

Price of medical examination is from 25.000 Ft. One on one physiotherapy class is from 12.000 Ft depending on the experience of our team member.

Online booking

If you have any question on scheduling, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Phone 06703109000

Email info@izulet.hu

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